Accepted payment Methods

Payments are accepted in these 4 methods:

  1. ( you have to create an account to make a payment & it takes only 2 minutes)
  2. (Payments can be paid without creating an account)
  3. (you can pay with a card or PayPal without creating an account)
  4. ( Account is required to make a payment)

[ The serial number of the payment methods is based on their importance. That means the most recommended one is in the first place and the least recommended one is at the bottom. If you have any other preferred methods for payment feel free to suggest me. ]

Payment & Refund Policy

For Fixed Price Projects

The payment process is done manually for all projects. We require a 50% upfront payment to secure the project. Once this payment has been received, we begin working on the project. Once the logo has been finalized, the remaining 50% of the payment will be due before we send all final files of the chosen logo. If you wish to add extras or upgrade your package, a 50% initial payment will also be required to move forward with those changes.

About Refunds, the initial 50% payment is non-refundable once concepts have been created. Any refunds would need to be requested within 24 hours of the initial payment.

For Contract based Projects

For contract-based projects, a specific amount has to be paid upfront depending on the contract to secure the project. A refund can only be requested within 24 hours of the initial payment. After the first 24 hours of the payment, no refunds can be done.

If you choose the monthly plan, you have to pay upfront every month as long as you’re subscribed. For the quarterly plan, you have to pay for three months all at once at the beginning. For the yearly plan, you have to pay the whole year upfront.

Due to the high quality and quantity nature of this specific design service, there is no refund available for the all-in-one design solution by Marufiam.


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