Logo Design & Brand Identity Design -// 2021

Project Completed: August 2021
Client: NEPHYS
Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity Design
Designer: Maruf Ahmed
Role: Logo Designer – Brand Identity Designer

NEPHYS is a consulting brand that provides expert advice and guidance on various technology-related topics. They have a specialization in Cloud computing services like AWS, Azure, and GCP that can help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. In addition to Cloud services, they also provide expertise in the area of BI or Business Intelligence. They help businesses to analyze data to extract insights that can drive informed decision-making. Furthermore, their SaaS application conception advice helps businesses to conceive, develop and implement software applications that can optimize and streamline business processes.

Due to their expertise in these areas, NEPHYS was looking for a new modern logo and brand identity that would accurately represent their brand to their customers. To bring their vision to life, the organization sought the help of a skilled professional who could help them in this regard, and I was more than happy to provide my assistance to them in creating a perfect representation of the NEPHYS brand.


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